Graph View

Graph View

The Graph View in Recall allows you to explore your knowledge base in a visual format. It provides a bird's eye view of all your knowledge cards, helping you discover connections and resurface past content when new related content is added.

There are two ways to access the Graph View in Recall, either from a single knowledge card or by exploring your entire knowledge base.

Single Card View

To access the Graph View from a single knowledge card, click the graph icon located in the top-right corner of a card.

Open Single Card Graph

This will open the Graph View with the selected card at the center and with linked cards surrounding it. The selected card is highlighted in yellow with linked cards displayed in blue.

View Single Card Graph

Exploring your Graph

Cards on the graph that have their own connections will have a plus icon over their node indicating that there are additional connections to explore. Clicking on the plus button will expand the card to show its connected cards. This is demonstrated in the video below.

Expanding Degrees of Separation

Another way to explore your graph is by expanding the degrees of separation from the starting card. You can do this by clicking on the Show More button to reveal additional connections. This allows you to explore the relationships between cards further out in your knowledge graph. You can also decrease the degrees of separation by clicking on the Show Less button.

Explore your Entire Knowledge Base

You can view your entire knowledge base in the Graph View by clicking the Knowledge Graph button in the left-side menu. This will open the Graph View with all your knowledge cards displayed in a visual format.

Open entire knowledge graph

Viewing your knowledge base in the Graph View allows you to see the connections between all your knowledge cards at once. The nodes are sized on the graph according to the number of backlinks they have, with larger nodes indicating more connections. This is an easy way to identify key cards in your knowledge base that are highly connected to other cards.

As your knowledge base grows, you will want to use tags to filter the graph and focus on specific topics or areas of interest. You can do this by clicking the tags you want to filter on in the left-side menu. This will update the graph to only show cards that have the selected tags.

The image below shows the graph filtered by the tag Andrew Huberman.

Filtered knowledge graph